Video / Audio Remote Control & Monitoring

Many organisations already have remotely sited, unmanned equipment bays that are only accessed via remote control and via web browser technology. Only when something goes wrong, that cannot be resolved remotely, will an Engineer visit the remote site.

The Ultra family of products are all remotely controllable via web browser and there for allow the equipment to be located remotely from the end user. The allows Ultra units to be sited in unmanned locations to remotely check different video feeds.

Being able to intuitively control the test equipment remotely, including changing test patterns, analysing specific waveforms, checking data and viewing error logs as well as having a graphical view of the equipment is a significant advantage.

Depending on the type of problems that you face day to day, issues can be logged over time and can alert when and parameters have fails. Being able to remotely monitor the test equipment allows you to keep an eye on it while you perform other activities.

Having web browser access means that multiple Ultra units within an organisation can be monitored all from a single workstation.