Video / Audio Automated Testing using SNMP

If you are an equipment manufacturer you will already know the massive benefits of automated testing using remote control to reliably test products without the need for user interaction on tedious tasks. Typically, this is done using SNMP remote control of Test and Measurement equipment to run pre-defined scripts that report back a pass/fail for each parameter tested.

As an end-user of test equipment, unless you wish to perform regular tests on your equipment or installation, the overhead of producing test scripts may be too high. But being able to access (and share access to) your remotely situated Test and Measurement equipment maybe of great benefit. For this application web browser access is the easiest way, as this allows the Test and Measurement equipment to be accessed anywhere there is a network point.

The Ultra family of products are highly suited to use in routine monitoring applications through its support for remote control using the SNMP protocol. SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol and it is commonly used in production line testing both to run the required sequence of tests and to monitor the instrument under test for conditions that warrant attention.

Both parameter values and system controls are available for read and write access across a network potentially covering many Ultra systems, allowing the development of dedicated systems to carry out standardised test procedures and so free engineers to concentrate on fixing issues where and when they arise.

This aspect of the Ultra is both versatile and easy to program. An example application, written using Microsoft Visual Studio together with the SnmpSharpNet SNMP library, is available to registered users from the Downloads page of the Omnitek website (