8. Calibration Policy


It is Omnitek’s policy to ensure that the calibration of all equipment that it manufactures, and that it uses in its manufacturing processes, are traceable back to an appropriate National Standards body.

All manufacturing processes, procedures and personnel comply with Omnitek’s Quality System. All Test & Measurement equipment used in the manufacture of Omnitek’s products is calibrated in accordance with Omnitek’s Calibration Policy and Procedure. There are 2 principle pieces of Test & Measurement equipment that are used in the calibration of all Omnitek’s products. These are:

  • LeCroy SDA8Zi-a – calibrated, annually, by LeCroy or by a LeCroy approved calibration house
  • Tektronix WVR8200 – calibrated, annually, by Tektronix

The specific calibration procedures for each product manufactured by Omnitek detail the processes that are required to correctly calibrate the product to ensure that there is traceability back to a National Standards body.

The calibration of Omnitek’s products creates unit-specific calibration files that compensate for component tolerances on the specific unit. These calibration files, along with manufacturing test results, provide a permanent calibration record for each unit and ensures traceability. These files also allow any unit in the field can be returned to its original factory calibration level.

As part of Omnitek’s continuous improvement policy, when improvements are made to the accuracy of measurement, these improvements are made available to existing customers when their units are returned to the factory for re-calibration.

The implementation of this Calibration Policy is controlled by Omnitek’s Calibration Process document and the product-specific Calibration Procedures.

Proof of Omnitek product calibration is provided using the “Certificate of Traceable Calibration” for each unit.

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