4. Environment

Omnitek considers Environmental Sustainability as an important factor in all aspects of its business operations and employs environment-oriented processes and systems. Environmental protection at Omnitek is a management task and the management team promote the implementation of sound environmental sustainability by example and by appropriate staff development as part of Omnitek’s policy of minimal waste. The management team control the implementation environmental sustainability by setting business objectives.

All of our employees act responsibly to ensure environmental protection and actively contribute to eliminating and minimizing risks by recycling or disposing of all waist products, packaging, faulty equipment/components in accordance with local requirements and accepted codes of practice.

Omnitek’s products, processes and methods are developed to be state of the art and the conservation of raw materials and energy are a priority. These products, processes and methods are intended to minimise the level of any noxious emissions, waste or waste water to an absolute minimum.

Omnitek is member of WeeeCare compliance scheme. WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, and as a producer of electrical equipment we are required by law to join a compliance scheme. We have embraced this scheme as we believe it is every company’s duty to protect the environment in which operates and sells its products.

Omnitek is aware of and supports the implementation of EU directive 2002/96/EC and also directive 2202/95/EU which introduces restrictions regarding certain Hazardous Substances used in the manufacture of equipment (“the RoHS directive”).

Omnitek has implemented appropriate measures to ensure that its products and activities are compliant with these directives and will continue to act in an environmentally responsible manner ensuring that it meets existing and planned legislation in these matters.

Omnitek design solutions for its customers using FPGA technology which reduces the number of integrated circuit devices require. This in turn reduces the impact on the environment by reducing the use of rare minerals, reduces the waste and by products in the product process and reduces the movement of integrated circuit devices around.

Wherever possible, Omnitek uses local suppliers to minimise the impact on the environment and those who those suppliers who also accept ‘corporate social responsibility’ for their activities. In addition, employees are offered chance to join the cycle to work scheme so that they too can minimise their impact on the local environment.