Tony Benham - Chief Technologist

Following graduation from Cambridge University in 1978 with a degree in Natural Sciences, Tony joined Marconi Radar Systems as a graduate trainee. After completing the excellent Marconi training scheme in 1981, Tony left to join oscilloscope manufacturer Gould Instruments as a design engineer. He designed the first ASIC used by the company, which was used in the successful low-cost Digital Storage Oscilloscopes made by Gould. After promotion to Project Leader, Tony furthered the use of ASICs, introduced the use of Verilog HDL and logic synthesis into ASIC design methodology, as well as leading several successful product developments. After ten years at Gould, Tony joined Abekas Video Systems in 1991, where he worked on a number of disk-based video products such as Diskus, Hexus & Clipstore. On these products, Tony was able to extend his knowledge of digital design techniques to include complex CPU system designs, PCI interface techniques, and the use of large-scale FPGAs as an alternative to ASICs. Tony joined Mike Hodson at Image Processing Techniques in early 1999. Since then, Tony has employed his extensive digital and processor design skills on several successful board designs, mainly for clients in the USA and on the Omnitek product range.