Mike Hodson - President

Mike graduated from Southampton University in 1981, and began his engineering career with Pye TVT in Cambridge. At TVT, Mike worked in the exciting new field of digital video effects, developing new techniques and procedures for processing television images. When TVT closed in 1986, Mike enjoyed an automotive sabbatical at Lotus Engineering in Norwich before returning to Cambridge and moving into electronics consultancy with GST on the famous Science Park. In 1991, Silicon Valley beckoned, and Mike emigrated to California to join Abekas Video Systems. At Abekas, Mike worked on many key projects and was the chief engineer and system architect of the renowned Dveous project. After returning to the UK, Mike created Image Processing Techniques (now known as Omnitek) in June 1998. Since then, Mike has helped the company grow into a well-respected manufacturer and design consultancy, with clients all over the world.