David Ackroyd - Vice President of Business Development

After a pre-university spell in image processing at Marconi Research Laboratories, David graduated from Cambridge University in 1985 with a BA in Mathematics and joined BBC Engineering Research Department at Kingswood Warren as a graduate trainee and later Research Engineer, where he worked on a variety of projects including early HD up-conversion, transponder RF elliptic filter designs and acoustic loudspeaker materials testing. His move in 1989 to early digital video effects company Questech involved design of communications for effects processors, simulation of digital composite video codecs, and the user interface for a hybrid RAM/disc video clip store. David moved into Sales Engineering in 1992 and became Sales Director in 1996. In 2000 David moved to Radamec Broadcast Systems as Sales Director for Robotics and Virtual Studios and became Business Development Director for the Robotics Division after its purchase by Vinten Broadcast. David took up the position of European Sales Manager at FOR-A UK in 2006 where his accumulated broadcast and engineering knowledge provided breadth and depth of experience to the company's European presence.